Work With Me

The best way I can help you is to be hands on with you. I tend to be very methodical, thinking through each step of the process while at the same time I know what the goal is.  


In working with groups, I look at each person as an individual. Each of us are unique in personality, body type, thoughts, emotions, and our perceptions of how we view the world. Which makes a process only a process if we are not flexible enough to adapt to the needs of each person. When coaching individuals, I strongly believe if we are going to be effective in helping that person achieve the success they are looking for we have to be flexible in every aspect of why and how we are coaching.

Group Coaching

Learn How to to Eat Right For Your Body

This is a 6-week program

Learn the tools to eat the right foods with specific meal-plans and grocery shopping lists to heal your digestion, skin and relationship with food in a 6-week program you can do on your own time. You’ll walk away knowing how to listen to your body to become your own healer.

– 6 weekly video trainings and PDF packets  

– 6 live weekly small group coaching calls

– 6 Weekly Live Q+A Call   

– Private FB group for questions & support  

– Optional additional one-on-one coaching  

– You will be assigned an accountability partner to keep you on track and motivate another  

– There will also be weekly assignments to share on the FB group each week.

Investment: $499

1-on-1 Coaching

Learn How to to Eat Right For Your Body

12 weeks of private 1-on-1 coaching

Who is it for?

– You have been diagnosed with a chronic disease and want to heal naturally.

– You want to prevent disease.

– You want to live life fully

– You are living in a high state of overwhelm

– You want to release trauma



– Twelve 1-hour sessions, to help you understand your relationship to food, which foods can help decrease your risk for getting disease, which foods may actually eliminate the opportunity for disease, discover what lifestyle habits may be contributing to your risk for disease, develop a step-by-step plan to create a total body, mind and spirit transformation.

Will cover specific topics such as:

– How to prevent cancer,  

– What to do if you have been diagnosed with a chronic disease,

– Where do I start?

– How to change your beliefs and release trauma from your body.  

– The importance of adding self care to your daily schedule.


Transformational Results from this program:

– Create your vision for a healthy life

– Find out what’s stopping or slowing you down

– Discovering your relationship to food, cravings

– Learn ways to pamper yourself

– Build up intuition and start to recognize the signals of the body

– Learn to recognize self-sabotage and replace destructive habits with nourishing habits.

– Techniques for managing stress and stepping into your personal power

– Expanding the dream


Contact me for more Information. This is a custom made program to your needs.