I will spend an entire day with you 1-on-1.

We will create a health plan for you.
We will clean out your pantry.
We will go shopping for food.
We will cook together.
We will eat together.



Cost: $2,500 + expenses
Bonus: You will also get access to my group programs for free.

A sample schedule.

9am – Assessing your Lifestyle
10am – Clean your Cupboards and Refrigerator
11am – Create a Health Plan
12pm – Health Plan Continued
1pm – Lunch
2pm – Going Grocery Shopping
3pm – Grocery Shopping Continued
4pm – Mindset Practice
5pm – Let’s create a meal
6pm – Dinner
7pm – Wrap-up

Just imagine if you had a plan to do all of the hard health things in your life.  Gift yourself this. You deserve it. Yes, please!