Looking beyond what appears to be in front of us, for our healing.

What I am going to share with you is not limited to whether you have a disease such as cancer, diabetes or even a broken heart, what I am going to share will open doors in any area of your life where you are struggling or feeling stuck.

Let’s start with the notion that when we hear we a diagnosis of a disease, most people believe they are limited to what we will call the “standard of care” as outlined by the AMA (American Medical Association). The truth is we are only limited by what we believe is possible. I believe if we can create disease in our bodies, then we can create a healthy body. My message to you is “Change your beliefs, and you can change your life.”

You might be saying “that sounds easier said than done” or “that’s impossible.” I want you to know WE CAN ALL DO IT!

Here’s how my story led me to this discovery. I was in my darkest moment when I heard the parable of the mustard seed; “if we have the faith the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains” and for me, I knew this was MY TRUTH.

Alone, in the darkness, I cried out for direction. That is when I found three natural healers who had a fundamental message for me “If I truly wanted to heal I needed to heal my body, mind, and spirit.”

I began to eat foods that would nourish my body, and I began to start to feel healthier than I ever felt in my life. That’s when my mind started playing tricks on me. Telling me things like “you can’t heal from this,” “who do you think you are?” “are you crazy, you might die? I recognized this voice as the voice of my “inner critic” who was trying to discount everything I was doing. I realized that I could no longer believe that story if I wanted to heal.

I began looking underneath for what was the motivation of the voice of my critic? Through meditation, I saw the day I was born. I saw a precious little girl who came into the world full of hope and surrounded by people who loved her; she sparkled. However, through years of trauma and disillusionment, I realized that this little girl had hidden that precious memory from everyone including herself.

When I was nine years old, my parents had just gone through a terrible divorce. I watched as lives were torn apart and destroyed. The pain I saw in my mother’s eyes was more than any little girl could bear. It was then that I made a decision that I would do everything in my power to make her happy. I was swirling around in the tremendous love that I had for both my parents. I did not know that I had to find a way to step out of the emotional vortex if I was going to get a better perspective. (I mean I was only 9, of course, I didn’t know.)

During another meditation, I jumped on a helicopter where I could view the situation from a different perspective. It was like watching a movie or a play on the stage right in front of you. I saw how that little girl sacrificed herself, painfully giving up all of her hopes and dreams, as she desperately tried to make other people happy.

Her belief that if she was a good girl … if she cleaned the house … did the laundry and cooked dinner she would magically wipe away all the pain she saw in her mother’s eyes.

What she didn’t realize was that that pain had nothing to do with her.

Nor did she have the power to make it all go away.

It was in this moment that I realized I was still carrying that pain and sadness with me today. It was not serving me.

I had to find a way to let it all go, give it back and to recapture the feelings of that little girl, who had her own hopes and dreams.

Our beliefs continue to run in our subconscious mind much like the operating system on a computer that keeps running in the background. The only way to really know what is happening in our subconscious is to take a look at what is happening both inside and outside of our body.

What are we creating in our world?

Once we can recognize the things in our life that are preventing us from living life fully, we can discover what belief is operating. And if we look underneath that belief, we can find the root of where it came from and how that belief served us well in the past but does not serve us any longer.

To truly free ourselves from the past we need to embrace that belief, validate that it really did happen and let it go.

I hope that my experience resonated for you. I invite you to join my private Facebook group “Living a Fulfilled Life” where we continue the conversation about growing and healing through the support of like minds.

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