Bernadette Pleasant

Rebecca took the stage in such a humble yet solid way. She’s gentle and urgent. Truly a powerhouse that you didn’t see coming. Wow! She very quietly blew us all away. She’s got chutzpah! Her story had me wondering if I could be as brave as she was. Could I go against the grain and be willing to say F**k You to conventional medicine? Could I believe so deeply in my inner knowing that I would do what seemed riskier? What her story did was leave us all with that question. She spoke of having faith the size of a mustard seed and trusting what she somehow knew. She choose correctly. We saw before us a living example of someone willing to trust her body over modern medicine. Rebecca’s message needs to be heard. Everyone needs this whether they are dealing with a medical issue, a relationship or making a business decision. The art of paying attention to what your “inner knowing” is telling you and saying “yes” to it is priceless. I have taken suggestions from this powerful talk and made some needed tweaks to the way I live. Isn’t that what its all about?

Lia Venet

Rebecca is so full of wisdom and it seeps into everyone around her sometimes without anyone even realizing how they have been transformed by being in her presence.

Kate Mackinnon, PT, CST-D

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Rebecca over the last year. I am in awe of how Rebecca has gathered the information she has needed to heal herself and then generously share that knowledge with all those around her. Rebecca is somebody who truly walks her talk in a grounded powerful way.

Loraine Van Tuyl

You couldn’t hear a pin drop during Rebecca’s inspiring speech to an audience of almost 200 women at the WomanSpeak International Festival. By the time she made the bold claim, “if you have the faith the size of a grain of a mustard seed you can move mountains,” no one questioned her fierce audacity. She’d already captivated us with her soothing voice and heroic courage. When she learned that she had breast cancer and was told in no uncertain terms by a medical expert what kind of treatment she needed to get better, her faith in herself, her wisdom, and her body’s capacity for healing was much larger than a mustard seed. With unwavering conviction, she flat-out refused to undergo the chemotherapy and radiation that was recommended. It’s no surprise that the divine guidance that she accessed when following her intuition far surpassed moving mountains. It saved her life and will save many more! Fasten your seatbelt and be ready for a magical tour-de-force if fortunate to have Rebecca light up your audience with her incredible story, healing expertise, and wise lessons.

Teresa T. Shen, L.Ac

I met Rebecca at WomanSpeak in Livermore where we gathered together with other powerful women to come together and support one another in sharing our messages, stories, and wisdom to be able to bring it out into the world. Rebecca is a powerful and strong-willed woman who has such a gift to bring to the world. Her bright and smiling personality lights up any room, and she naturally has anyone around her either smiling or laughing with joy. You would never have guessed that she has come out of a serious diagnosis of cancer, and beat it!! I love her connection she has with the power of her body to heal itself. She is a walking talking example that you are way more powerful than you give yourself credit for, and that when you know this and connect with this, your life will be in your hands- meaning, you have the power to make yourself better if you choose. Thank you Rebecca for your fight for life and leading an example for us all to follow!

Rev Donna Caldwell

I have known Rebecca for quite some time, and have had the opportunity to watch her growth, mind, body, and soul. A lesser person would have folded under the obstacles she had to overcome. Although it was difficult at times, I have seen her rise victorious over it all with grace and humility. Through her coaching, I have changed. She is someone with whom I can bare my soul without fear of judgment. She has a gentle way of nudging me forward. I joke with her that she has ruined me for life as I can no longer eat food that is not good for my body; and truth be told I actually don’t want to. I’ll be 73 this year and I’m healthier than ever. I have so much more energy and less pain now. If you are looking for a coach to help you live a more vibrant, healthy, and joy filled life, call Rebecca.

Suzanna Anixter

I can’t thank Rebecca enough for her wise, patient and thoroughly inspiring support as I learned to fully take charge of my own health. Her approach offered me the perfect combination of compassion and education as I began to build new habits and new ways of thinking. Thanks to her coaching, I forgave myself for small stumbles along my path and learned from them. I’m at the healthiest place I’ve been in many years and I know I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t had her indispensable support and guidance.

Mona Rose Moore

Rebecca is a powerhouse. I love the warmth and clarity she exudes while inviting us to come home to our body, our mind, and our soul. I am deeply inspired by how grounded she is in her seeing and her knowing, and commitment in walking the path towards being cancer free. Rebecca's experiences and stories convey such essential wisdom, especially for people who are looking for a natural way of healing.

Prasanna Diana Manuela

I loved Rebecca from the moment I met her. I appreciate her softness and gentleness on one side and at the same time the lion strength that resides within her heart and soul. She is a wonderful example of wisdom and beauty. I celebrate every person who has the privilege to come into contact with her. So grateful our paths crossed.

Marilyn Grice

Rebecca is one of the most grounded ladies I have ever met. She is brave, sincere and inspirational. When I heard her journey through cancer I was totally blown away by her knowledge, sincerity and self belief. Before I met Rebecca I didn’t know there was another way to beat this awful disease. She is living proof that there is another way.