About Me

I’m Rebecca. I am passionate about helping people who have chronic diseases find their happiness and live to the fullest.


I am a Certified Health, Wellness and Life Coach with experience working with the most challenging health issues facing our society today: weight and blood sugar management, optimizing your body’s immune system and helping eliminate disease.


I specialize in working with people who are experiencing life challenges including: rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, including cancer, inflammation, a compromised immune system and stored trauma.

I am committed to health, happiness and well-being and will help you achieve your goals. My passion in life is about helping you find the balance of your body, mind and spirit.


I make it my business to be up to date on the most current research and nutrition. I am a very loving, caring and compassionate person. I can read people’s energy, which usually tells me a lot about what is going on with that person.


I worked for many years with children with disabilities and again with seniors. In both instances I would say my biggest asset is my ability to connect on a heart to heart, soul to soul level. My special genius is my ability to listen to each person, dive into what is holding them back and helping to remove all the obstacles that are standing in the way of fully living the life we all deserve.

Just imagine living a balanced life. What would be the side effects? Clarity of mind, increased energy, improved movement, reduction in pain? Yes, please!